Meet The Team

This is the team that presently guides the detachment and continues to strive to do their best. Reach our to anyone of them for information on the capt. John Yancey Detachment
  1. Patrick Murray
    Detachment Commandant. Patrick is on his tenure as Detachment Comandant and also holds the title of Department Jr. Vice Commandant
  2. Ray Rodriquez
    Our Jr. Vice Commandant is presently open and will sonn have an active member in that Position
  3. Trey Klonower
    Trey is a former Detachment Commandant and is presently the detachment Sr, Vice Commandant
  4. Paula Land
    Detachment Adjutant/Paymaster is responsible for the keeping of the financial records as well as paying for all expenses within the detachment
  5. Phillip Caldwell
    Sgt at Arms The sgt at arms maintains the discipline of the meeting and greets all visitors to the detachment meetings. He ensures that all members are fully up to date members by checking their membership card and date,

Join Our Team

We would be happy to extend an invitation for you to join our Team, We are a deversified group of Marines, Corpsman, Chaplains and Associates that meet every month for comradrie and espirit de Corps.
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